Is the marriage legal in our state?
All marriages performed with a legal and valid marriage license are legal anywhere in the world. It is advised that you obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate to show proof of marriage for all legal matters. This document is necessary for you to officially change your name on all documents. 

Can any notary or attorney issue me a marriage license? 
No. In order to issue a marriage license in Los Angeles County one must be specially authorized by the County Clerk. We work with specially authorized notarize that can issue marriage license

Can just anyone marry me?
No. To perform legal marriages one must either be a Judge or Ordained as a Minister. We work with some of the best wedding officiants in town.

Is their a waiting period to get your license?
No. You will receive your marriage license immediately when you apply in person at the county offices or directly from our authorized agent.

How do I change my name after I have received my certified copy from the county?
(Step 1) Go to the Social Security office. You can download their forms by Clicking HERE.
(Step 2) Go to the DMV. You can download their forms by Clicking HERE.

Is it necessary to tip the Officiant? 
Gratuities “Tips” are not included in pricing. Gratuities are greatly appreciated.

Can we get our marriage license same day?
Yes. In most cases depending on availability we can issue you a marriage license and marry you same day. Walk in together, walk out legally married within one hour. No wait! No Lines, No Stress. No Hassles. 

What is the cost of a confidential marriage license?
The fee for a confidential marriage license may vary per County. In Los Angeles County the fees are $85.00 for confidential or $90.00 for public. Please contact your local Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's Office in your county for updated pricing.

Marriage Licenses are NOT given to us FREE or Discounted. Our Agents must purchase the confidential marriage license directly from the L.A. County Clerks office at $85.00 per license plus their time and expenses to procure the license. Specially Authorized Notaries renew his/her authorization annual. They pay a $300.00 annual renewal fee to provide customers the convenience and ease of a Non-Traditional way in getting a marriage license.***

Authorized Agents Issue the license for $85.00. Excluding any travel or notary fees.

Terms & Conditions / Policies

In preparation for your appointment with The Long Beach Wedding Center, please read through the following guidelines:

Payments and Refunds
* No refund is given of the full amount paid for services canceled within 48 hours of the ceremony date.
* All final payments are complete, final, and non refundable.
* A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to reserve a date and time. Deposits are Non-Refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.
* To cancel your booking, we require a 48 hours’ notice prior to 12pm pacific standard time from the date of your event. Failure to provide the proper notice of cancellation will be subject to the full service charge of the service reserved. No shows will be charged the remaining balance of the service fee to the credit card used at the time of booking.

Day of Service at Center
*No Food or beverages are allowed to be brought into the center. Any such food or beverages will be confiscated.
*Couples and guests must arrive on time. Example: If your ceremony starts at 3PM. Arrive at 3PM. Not Earlier or Later as you may affect other appointments.
* Appointments begin exactly at the time they are scheduled, if you are late your appointment will be rescheduled for a fee.
*Late guests will not be admitted or waited for.
*Please arrive fully dressed as we do not have a dressing room.
*No refunds available for any services rescheduled due to late arrival or failure to provide proper ID‘s or documentation.
*A re-booking fee of $100.00 will be charged to any rescheduled service.
*Parking and traffic are not acceptable reasons to be late. Please allow yourself adequate time to get to the center and park.
*Parking is the sole responsibility of the couple and guests.
*The Long Beach Wedding Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. A surly attitude will incur up to a 100% surcharge.
*Couple will be held responsible for any Damages caused by them or their guests.
*Please Watch Your Children at all times.
*As a courtesy to our neighbors please keep outside noise levels to a minimum. Do Not linger or loiter outside building.

Marriage license refunds and responsibilities
* Marriage licenses are issued using the information applicants provide.
* You are responsible for all the information submitted online or in person for the application.
* Any mistakes made, either spelling or incorrect dates become your responsibility and will result in an additional charge of $85.00 per additional marriage license issued if found incorrect. Mistakes may result in a delay in the initial recording processing.
* Once license is issued there are no refunds. The License May Not Be Altered In Anyway.
* The "Agent" notary is NOT responsible for any errors or omissions or fraudulent statements made on the part of the applicants.
* Double check your applications before submitting for any possible errors. This is your responsibility.
* Make sure you bring valid unexpired ID’s and any documentation for previous marriages.
* MOST Important! Please print legibly on all documents and use black ink only.

Certified Copies
* Certified Copies may be purchased from the Los Angeles County R.R.C.C. office 6-8 weeks after they’ve receive the original. The cost per certified copy is $17.00.
*The person marrying you has 10 days to mail the copies to the R.R.C.C. for recording. After which time you would count the 6-8 weeks.
* The certified copies are purchased directly from the Los Angeles R.R.C.C.. They may be purchased by the couple via the mail with the forms provided at the time of marriage. Copies may also be purchased in person by either party to the marriage by visiting one of the R.R.C.C. offices.
* Processing assistance is available on the certified copies at the time of marriage which includes; assisting you to complete the documents, notarization of the certificate of identity, issuing a check on your behalf, cost of the issuance of a check, additional cost of mailing or delivery (one way only) and processing for an additional fee of $49.99 plus $17.00 per copy payable to the R.R./C.C.

Photo Policy
**I hereby authorize The Long Beach Wedding Center to publish the photographs taken of me, my fiancé, and guests, for use in The Long Beach Wedding Center publications and website. I will receive no financial compensation. I further agree that my participation in any publication and website produced by The Long Beach Wedding Center confers upon me no rights of ownership whatsoever. I release The Long Beach Wedding Center, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation.


•    Customer understands that Company does not tolerate fraudulent charge backs or frivolous disputes/claims and will proceed to collect by any means necessary.
•    Customer is responsible for charge back fees consisting of attorney's fees, fees for collection agencies or third party intervention if client fraudulently charges back or does not pay monies owed.
•    If Customer charges back fraudulently, client will owe charge back fees plus amount owed. 
•    Company will report any outstanding balances to the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.) as a delinquent collection account.

For complete information on our Charge-Back Policy Click Here

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Long Beach Wedding Center, its agents, representatives, officiants, notaries, etc., are not attorneys and therefore will not give and are not allowed to give legal advice. 

In addition, no portion of this website is intended to be any form of legal advice.
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