Big, splashy weddings aren't always what every couple wants. Small, cozy weddings can be a wonderful way to make your day special. 

More and more couples are embracing nuptial simplicity. No guests = no planning, no politics, no pressure. Plus a whole lot less expense, of course. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $29,858, according to the consumer finance website ValuePenguin. Making the average cost of a wedding in Los Angeles, California a whooping $36,890 and an average $264 per guest. Which makes The Long Beach Wedding center an incredible bargain and outstanding alternative. 

Where a frugal, less-formal ceremony is a win-win all around. Our center is an intimate, low key, simple cozy and unfussy setting. Couples literally walk in together and leave as a legally married couple in under an hour! We do it all
at the same time, Marriage License and Ceremony.

The Long Beach Wedding Center is unique in offering the opportunity for small,
intimate family weddings. Instead of driving to the county clerks office (courthouse
or Las Vegas), in jeans and a T-shirt, a couple can have a small, simple and
inexpensive wedding here (and still be in jeans and a T-shirt). Most couples prefer to dress up in Full Wedding Attire. (That's fine too!)

The Long Beach Wedding Center is the #1 Sweet & Simple wedding day alternative. It has a simple ambiance that has a clean and cozy feeling to it. We make getting married simple and that is its key to success. Year's later and hundreds of happily married couples, we still love what we do!

We are all about people. Our specialty will always be in the niche for the small intimate affairs. 
The Long Beach Wedding Center, Open 24hrs 7days a Week by appointment only.

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